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Support your investments with market sales data you can't get anywhere else.

Imagine knowing the sales performance of every beauty product on the shelf - who is winning, losing and why.

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How you can use DAASH


Prospect New Brands & Emerging Trends

Identify and track new retail and DTC brands to uncover new opportunities, and stay ahead of emerging market trends.


Conduct In-Depth Due Diligence

Evaluate potential deals with detailed competitive data that reveals their true market share and growth rate.


Support the Brands in Your Portfolio

Leverage competitive data and performance insights to support the growth and success of the brands you invest in.

Discover how brands perform within the retail and DTC landscape

Identify channel-specific metrics like sales, velocity, and growth performance and the products and categories driving a brand's sales

Track brand and product trends through time

Quickly see how a brand performs through time and how they stack up against their competition

Identify how brands and products rank against their competition

Access weekly brand and product performance and see who's winning market share, who's losing, and why.